Floating Retreat

Another floating island?  Yes, I just love them.  To my mind, they are a perfect mixture of cosy home, a magical social space for friends and a wonderful retreat surrounded by peaceful natural landscaping.  If only we could have them in RL too :))

Syn, August 2011

Price L$500

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  • Rez-faux packed for easy installation and positioning
  • Permissions: Copy/Mod/No-trans
  • Prims: 227
  • Surface Area: 50×32 sq m


  • Bespoke scripted control systems
  • Access control and locking doors
  • Window tinting (0%, 25%, 50%, 75%, 100%) for privacy
  • Fireplace (4 settings – off, low, medium, high) with smoking chimney
  • Campfire (4 settings – off, low, medium, high)
  • Central control panel for access control, windows and fireplace
  • Independent permissions for who can use the controls and who can open locked doors
  • Armchair and Sofa with sit animations included
  • 4 garden chairs each with 5 sit animations
  • Garden bench with sit animations
  • Tree log and ruined stones around the campfire with sit animations
  • Decorative well and running waterfall


The build comprises three big floating rocky islands, all joined to make one large surface.  Situated at the rear is a small wooden house, surrounded by grounds containing ruins, a waterfall, campfire and a small platform for the garden table and chairs.  The whole area is surrounded by pine trees, grass and flower beds.  An old well and wooden bridge help to accomplish the feel of a quiet and magical place.

Additional Notes

Please be aware that I use sculpted prims in this build.  You may need to have your level-of-detail turned up in order to fully appreciate this cottage (instructions here).

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