Installing a Skybox

How to install a Skybox in the air?  Read on.

These are the instructions for all of our rez-faux packaged skyboxes.

Put your Synz Creations package on the ground and rez the skybox by touching the package and then selecting “rez” on the offered menu.

In order to postition the house, you have to “Edit” the Synz Creations package it was rezzed from.  After rezzing, this will usually actually be inside the house!  Then, whatever you do to the Synz Creations package will be mirrored in the house itself, so if you rotate it, the house rotates. If you move it, the house moves and so on.

I suggest you get your rotation correct first.  After ‘edit’ you need to select ‘Rotate’.

You rotate the house by using the mouse to drag around the blue ring now around the Synz Creations package.  A garden looks great facing the sunset!

Then when the orientation is correct, you are ready to position your skybox.  Find something in the house to sit on (a bench, wall, etc).  Now, don’t move until I say so!

Edit the skybox again, check its on ‘move’ this time, and find the Position section of the ‘Object’ tab (the bit with the coloured x, y, z followed by numbers).

The “Object” tab lists the x, y, z coordinates for the whole skybox.  The blue z is the value for the height. You can type a new value into this box – so enter the height (in metres) that you wish to install your skybox to, then hit ‘enter’.  A height above 800m is good for a skybox above the clouds.

You can now stand up!  You should still be standing on the skybox, but it is now at the height you’ve specified.

At this point, the position of the skybox should be saved.  This is achieved by touching the Synz Creation package again to get the rez-fauz menu up, and then selecting ‘Save’.

Immediately take a landmark of your current position, and be sure to give it a meaningful name in your inventory.  A skybox is likely to be too far to fly to, generally speaking (it can be possible, but will take a long time!)

Once the skybox is in the required position, I strongly advise you to “lock” the skybox.  This option can be found on the “edit” menu again.  This means that when adding plants, furniture or other building tasks on the skybox, you can’t accidently move, change or even delete your skybox.

The final thing to do is to actually test your landmark and then you are free to enjoy your life over the clouds of SL :)

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