House System Manual

Welcome to Synz Creation’s House System v1

Many houses in the range include a control box that provides access control and remote control facilities for most of the house functions.

Control Box
Synz Creations Control Box

On touching the control box, the main menu should appear as follows:

Main Menu
Control Box Main Menu

Menu Functions:

  • Remote – Trigger the remote control to access other house functions.
  • Help – Provide a notecard containing basic instructions on operating the house system.
  • Lock – Lock all doors so that only those on the ‘key holders’ list may open them.
  • Unlock – unlock all doors so that anyone may open them.
  • Permissions – open the permissions function to configure the access control for the house.
  • Ignore – as with all SL dialogs, this dismisses the dialog with no further action.

Remote Control

If the main menu shows the ‘Remote’ button, then the house has a remote control installed.  When the ‘Remote’ button is pressed the full list of controllable objects is displayed in a new menu.

Remote Control
Remote Control

Not all objects can be controlled from the remote control, and the full list of centrally controlled objects will vary from house to house.

Controlling House Objects

Usually, if an object can be controlled, it will be controlled by touch.  All objects that can be controlled by the remote control can also be controlled by touch.

Most objects can only be controlled by authorised users.  If an unauthorised user attempts to control an object, they will just be ignored with no warning.

Permissions and Access Control

There are two types of permissions to consider when using Synz Creation’s House System – authorised users and key holders.

Authorised users are users who can operate things, for example using the ‘remote control’ for windows, fireplace and so on or add other users to the system.  House owners are authorised users by default and cannot be taken off the list.

New users (for example a partner) can be added to the list of authorised users using chat commands as follows:

/77 name=Avatar Name

Authorised users can be removed by touching the House Control Box and using the ‘permissions’ button and choosing ‘Authorisation’.  Clicking on any listed avatar will remove it from the list.

Avatar Name can be in any format that SL lets you use to login.  You can’t use a Display Name for anything related to security, as anyone can change their Display Name.  So all the following are valid names to use:

  • Avatar Name
  • avname
  • avname Resident

Key Holders are users who can open doors when they are locked.  These can be added and removed in the same way as for authorised users.  For example, using chat to add:

/77 lock=Avatar Name

and using the ‘permissions’ button followed by ‘key holders’ to remove.

Adding and removing users is confirmed by messages in local chat to the House owners.

Note: If users are added whilst the permissions dialog is open, then the updates will not be shown on the dialog.  You will have to select ‘ignore’ then touch the control box again for the changes to take effect.

Permissions Menu
Permissions Menu

The ‘Reset’ option on the ‘Permissions’ dialog will restore the list of avatars back to the default, which usually means removing all additional avatars in both the authorised users and lock lists, leaving just the owner once again.

Doors may be locked or unlocked.  When locked, only those on the list of Key Holders may open them to enter.  Owners are on the list by default.  When unlocked, anyone can open and enter.

Doors are locked and unlocked by touching the House Control Box and selecting ‘lock’ or ‘unlock’.  Only authorised users can lock or unlock doors.  Again, locking and unlocking is confirmed to owners via local chat.

More Help

For more help, see the FAQ.

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