Please be aware that these builds often make extensive use of sculpted prims.  In order for them to display at their best, you need to have your “Level of Detail” (LOD) factor set to at least 4.

You might notice that the shape of a sculpt changes as you zoom your camera in and out – well, this is what sculpts do in Second life and increasing the LOD setting will help stop this happening.

Changing your LOD settings is something that can and will make all your sculpts stay in their correct shape, even when looking at them from further away.  You’ll see the benefits for all builds, not just our houses.

In order to change the LOD setting, perform the following (instructions for residents using the official Second Life Viewer 2.0, but other viewers will be similar):

  1. Show the “Advanced” menu with Ctrl-Alt-D. (Its Opt-Ctrl-D if you use a Mac).
  2. Select “show debug settings” near the bottom.
  3. In the blank pull-down menu, type (or copy and paste) RenderVolumeLODFactor
  4. Change the value – type in the new number or use the arrows.  I recommend setting it to at least 4.000 (in fact, probably anything up to around 8.000) to get all your sculpts looking great.

NOTE: Unlike increasing your draw distance, this will not increase the lag or performance significantly for yourself or those around you.  And don’t forget, it will improve the look of all sculpts, not just these houses.

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