Here are some frequently asked and not-so-frequently-asked-but-probably-still-useful questions relating to the houses and the house scripted systems.  These expand on some of the points mentioned in the main set of instructions.


Installing and Rezzing

  1. These houses are sold as mod/copy/notrans, yet they are listed as nomod in my inventory?
    • This is because when in the inventory, SL always lists the most restrictive permissions in an object.  The house is sold as mod, but the scripts, some textures and animations, are not, so SL summarises the permissions of the whole house as nomod when in the inventory.  When the house is rezzed inworld, you should have the mod permissions for the prims as described.
  2. I’ve edited the prims of the house, and unlinked some of them but when I link them all back together the house has become phantom or some of the phantom prims in the house are no longer phantom…
    • There is a scripting trick that is used to make child prims phantom which is used in the houses.  We strongly recommend that you don’t unlink the prims! If you do, then use your backup copy from your inventory to restore the house to its pre-edited state.
  3. What is rez-faux?
    • This is the excellent packaging system we use to package the houses.  It enables the purchaser to rez and move the houses to their correct position.  Full details of how to work the rez-faux packaging system, as written by the author of rez-faux, are provided in the box when you purchase one of our houses.
  4. I can’t open my package!  I rez the box but nothing happens when I touch it.
    • Make sure you have the correct permissions that enable you to run scripts.  For some areas of land (and some sandboxes) this may mean ensuring you are wearing the correct group tag.
  5. How can I position my house and orient it to face the sunset/sunrise/some other direction?
  6. I am now the proud owner of a wonderful skybox … except its sitting on the ground!  How do I get it up in the air?

General Use

  1. After teleporting or sitting I can no longer see my avi!
    • Sometimes after teleporting or sitting (especially if the object you are sitting on is next to a wall) you may need to adjust your camera settings to find your bearings again.
  2. Some of the prims in the house aren’t appearing properly – they look like spheres/elipses/other odd shapes.
    • This is most likely due to your viewer settings not enabling the correct display of sculpted prims.  Usually, increasing the value of ‘RenderVolumeLODFactor’ (instructions here) in the viewer debug settings sorts this out.  Or maybe SL is just having a bad day …
  3. Some of my textures have suddenly become transparent and internal walls are showing through the house on the outside.
    • Ah, we thought we’d fixed all of these!  Sometimes SL messes up the rendering of alpha (transparent) textures.  It seems quite viewer and user dependent, but our testing led us to believe that we’d managed to get rid of all the clashes we were aware of.  If you can take a snapshot of the problem and send it in, we’ll see if we can take a look at it.

Access Control and Permissions

  1. How can I add a partner/friend/random person I just met to the access control so that they can use the remote control?
    • This is what the ‘authorisation options’ are for.  You can add people using the chat command /77 name=Avatar Name. For more details, see the House System Manual.
  2. What is the difference between locking, key holders, authorisation, permissions and access control?
    • Well this is all different terminology to describe two main concepts. The first is who can control the house (authorised users) and the second is who can open locked doors (key holders).  Think of authorised users as those who could, in RL, use any home automation system you had installed.  Think of key holders as those who would hold a physical key to a door in RL.  The house system maintains two different lists of people – so different people can have keys to doors to those who can use the remote control to control the house.  For more details, see the House System Manual.
  3. How do I remove people from the list of authorised users or key holders?
    • Use the control box’s ‘permissions’ menu, selecting ‘authorisation’ or ‘key holders’ as required.  All avatar names in the list are then displayed as menu buttons – click on any you wish to delete.
  4. How should I type in avatar names?  Should I use login names, old format names or display names?
    • First of all, nothing with a security function should ever use display names as anyone can set these to whatever they like.  Any other form of avatar name should be fine – see the House System Manual for examples.

Other Questions

  1. None of the menus and dialogs I see look anything like the ones in your pictures!
    • All the help pages have been written for users of the official Second Life viewer (“Viewer 2”).  If you are using a different viewer, then you will have to find the equivalent menu or dialog in your viewer.
  2. Can I return my house and have a refund?
    • Well, as the houses are fully copyable, no.  Sorry.  If you’ve managed to buy two of the same houses by mistake, then send us a notecard showing your full transaction  history, that we can cross-check with our own, and we’ll see what we can do.  But there are no guarantees I’m afraid.
  3. Do you do custom work?  Could you just change this little piece …?
    • That very much depends.  Some custom work might be possible if its interesting enough.  Best to get in touch.  Do note however that we don’t work to pressing deadlines and hardly ever say ‘yes’ to commercial work.
  4. Can I use the scripts you use in my builds too?
    • No, sorry.  The scripted systems used in the houses are not for sale at the present time.
  5. Why do you have adverts or links to other posts on your side?
    • That’s because we use the excellent wordpress.com site to host this website, and this is a condition of the free hosting (which we are using whilst we get established).
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