Scripted Systems

Each of the houses uses a bespoke scripted control system.  We have not used an off-the-shelf script system from the marketplace, but instead chosen to design one that meets our exact requirements.

Whilst this is a lot more effort than just buying one it has meant that when we’ve needed to do something special, for example wanting a linked prim to contain sit targets whilst retaining the option to sit on any other part of the build too, we’ve been able to do it.

As the system is still evolving, new features are being added all the time.  If you have any suggestions for new features that we might consider for future builds, do get in touch.  Of course, we reserve the right to actually implement and use any ideas submitted in any of our future or past products should we chose to do so!

The scripts used for the houses are, however, not for sale at the present time.

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