The Second Life classifieds are limited to a 256 character description.  This in no way does justice to what we wish to say about these builds.  So we’ve attempted to say that here instead.

Synz creations is an enterprise started by an established private builder.  We have a range of unique houses, skyboxes and cottages from small dwellings for those new to SL or just populating their first plot of land through to larger creations for a more unique country dwelling.

Each build is the result of extensive research, including many detailed features and a range of wood and stone textures.  They are meant to be homes to feel good in.  These builds have a wide appeal and should suit a large number of styles and tastes.

Most dwellings include low lag, scripted access control, door locking and many include other items, such as fountains, tinted windows, open log fires and so on.

Some items of furniture are included if they are unique to the atmosphere of the build.  Most of our houses are provided as a blank canvas for your own posessions.  Everything you need for a warm and welcoming home with a bit of character to use as a retreat for you and your friends.

Small cottages start from just L$500 and all are copy/mod, making them ideal for rental areas.

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