Dome Skybox

This skybox was made with someone with an inclination towards the dark side of life in mind.  Perhaps a vampire or one of gothic, royal descent.  Or possibly just hiding away from the daylight, behind large castle walls.  Either way this skybox will allow you to sit regally, up in the clouds above us mear mortals.  Teleport up to the dome and dance under the star-pocked ceiling, or perhaps its a secret meeting place for your friends?  There is a large English, stately garden with a central ornamental fountain.  There should be plenty of room for dark accessorising inside and out.

The Dome Skybox comes in two versions – one with a normal garden terrace, and the other with a dark terrace.  When you purchase the skybox, you get both versions, and both are copyable.

Syn, May 2011

Price L$400

Buy from the marketplace

Buy in-world


  • Rez-faux packed for easy installation and positioning
  • Permissions: Copy/Mod/No-trans
  • Prims: 144 (dark garden), 140 (normal garden)
  • Surface Area: 20×48 sq m
  • Two garden colour schemes – dark and light


  • Bespoke scripted control systems
  • Access control and locking doors
  • Fireplace (4 settings – off, low, medium, high) with smoking chimney
  • Ornamental Fountain with many options (on/off, water glow, random colours, random timings)
  • Bench with sit animations
  • Two control panels for access control and the fountain


The Dome Skybox has a large room (20×20 sq m) with a fireplace and gallery accessible via a stairway.  There is a teleport to and from the dome, itself made from a nocturnal, shining star inner texture.  The terrace and garden (20×28 sq m) has a large ornamental fountain as its centre piece.  The garden includes trees and plants and a bench with sit animations.

There are two versions of the garden – a dark one, with reddish waters in the fountain, and a light one, with normal water.  You can sit on the bench or the walls.

The Skybox has been built as a single, linked object making its positioning trivial, but we’ve provide a guide to position it for you on the help pages of this site.

Additional Notes

Please be aware that I use sculpted prims in this build.  You may need to have your level-of-detail turned up in order to fully appreciate this skybox (instructions here).

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