Ravennest Cottage

Do you like dark, mysterious houses steeped in history?  Who knows what has been seen between these walls?  This house is perfect in any medieval or Gorean setting.  The dark stones and ancient wooden beams take us back to an earlier time.  Install it among towering pines, where it could house a witch or sorcerer.  Or perhaps you see it as being the kind of refuge that befits one crazy enough to live in a haunted looking manor!  Marry ancient and modern by adding artful modern furniture or perhaps a touch of abstract art to adorn its historic walls!  All is possible, whatever makes you feel most at home.

Syn, May 2011

Price L$850

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  • Rez-faux packed for easy installation and positioning
  • Permissions: Copy/Mod/No-trans
  • Prims: 253
  • Surface Area: 30×30 sq m


  • Bespoke scripted control systems
  • Access control and locking doors
  • Window tinting (0%, 25%, 50%, 75%, 100%) for privacy
  • 2 Fireplaces (4 settings – off, low, medium, high) each with independent smoking chimney
  • Central control panel for access control, windows and fireplace
  • Independent permissions for who can use the controls and who can open locked doors


This cottage has 2 entrances, one leading through an old stable into the main living area, and the other is through a porch.  You can use either as your main entrance, it all depends on the orientation of your house.

The main living area is on the ground floor and includes a large, round fireplace.  A short flight of stairs takes you up to the next floor with an additional, smaller fireplace and an open-beamed roof.  At one end of the upper room, is a more cozy area I envisaged as a bedroom.  The roof consists of dark tile textures.

Additional Notes

Please be aware that I use sculpted prims in this build.  You may need to have your level-of-detail turned up in order to fully appreciate this cottage (instructions here).

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