Water Cottage

It often starts with a simple request … someone asked me if there was a way to have the Earth Cottage close to a waterfront.  And so a waterfront was added!  It’s the same surface area, but with a set of double doors that open out onto a small terrace.  Sitting on a terrace above the sea, watching the sunset whilst talking with a close personal friend, is a Second Life moment to be treasured.

As a fully copyable cottage, you could even set a few up side by side for renting to others.

Also available as part of a multi-pack with the other elemental cottages (earth, air and fire).

Syn, April 2011

Price L$150

Buy from the marketplace

Buy in-world


  • Rez-faux packed for easy installation and positioning
  • Permissions: Copy/Mod/No-trans
  • Prims: 78
  • Surface Area: 19×10 sq m


  • Bespoke scripted control systems
  • Access control and locking doors
  • Window tinting (0%, 25%, 50%, 75%, 100%) for privacy
  • Fireplace (4 settings – off, low, medium, high) with smoking chimney
  • Central control panel for access control, windows and fireplace
  • Independent permissions for who can use the controls and who can open locked doors


This cottage comprises a single room (10×10 sq m) with a fireplace as the central focal point. It has two tintable windows, a single main door and a double door out onto the terrace.

The terrace itself is 8×10 sq m.

Additional Notes

Please be aware that I use sculpted prims in this build.  You may need to have your level-of-detail turned up in order to fully appreciate this cottage (instructions here).

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