Earth Cottage

I built this little cottage for a friend who only had a small (512×512) parcel of land.  Whether you wish to sit by the fireplace or just wish to have somewhere to change clothes this cottage makes an ideal first home in Second Life.  Why not use it as a centre-piece for a garden?

As a fully copyable cottage, you could even set a few up side by side in woodland on the hillside for renting to others.

Also available as part of a multi-pack with the other elemental cottages (air, fire and water).

Syn, April 2011

Price – L$99

Buy from the Marketplace

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  • Rez-faux packed for easy installation and positioning
  • Permissions: Copy/Mod/No-trans
  • Prims: 59
  • Surface Area: 10×10 sq m (house) + flower boxes


  • Bespoke scripted control systems
  • Access control and locking doors
  • Window tinting (0%, 25%, 50%, 75%, 100%) for privacy
  • Fireplace (4 settings – off, low, medium, high) with smoking chimney
  • Central control panel for access control, windows and fireplace
  • Independent permissions for who can use the controls and who can open locked doors


This cottage consists of a single room, 10 meters square with an old wooden fireplace as the central focal point.  There are two windows and a nice shabby texture feeling throughout.

The main structure is old stone walls, with two flower boxes at the front and an old tiled roof.

Additional Notes

Please be aware that I use sculpted prims in this build.  You may need to have your level-of-detail turned up in order to fully appreciate this cottage (instructions here).

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